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            Company new

            Our Hole Saw and Arbor Drill Bits Pass TUV / RoHS Test

            Our company insist on the quality of market-oriented, and constantly strive to improve the quality of our Products to meet the EU market. This year the our products of hole saw cutter and arbor drill bits have been compliance with EU RoHS standards (2011/65/EU and RoHS amending directive (No.2015/863)), and got TUV Certificate report.

            If you want to check completed report,you can click following link to download completed TUV report.


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            CONTACT US

            Contact: Scowell Tools

            Phone: +86 139 13612501

            Tel: +86 512 58995601

            Email: info@scowellindustries.com

            Add: Zhangjiagang City South Industries Park D-zone 06,Jiangsu,China